Top Blog Posts

Here are my picks for the top blog posts that I’ve done. I’ll try to arrange them by category:

Gaming and Technology

Dying Technologies?
-This post received a reply from the original author of an article that predicted some technologies that may die in 10 years.


Train Otaku
-A list of all 10 types of train geeks in Japan, and which ones I would classify myself as.

Top 5 Sakanaction Music Videos
-Simply a list of the best of Sakanaction’s crazy videos.

Top 5 Movies of Modern Japanese Cinema
-A list that is updated as newer movies come out (and I see them) of the best live-action cinema offerings from Japan.

Working at a Japanese Arcade
-This is one of my favorite posts because it details word-for-word an account of someone who has experience working at a Japanese arcade and forcing customers to stop playing a game by ‘pulling the plug’.

Life and Spirituality

What Was Facebook
-A reflection on the real danger of how we look at friends differently because of Facebook.


Top 5 Wong Fu Productions Videos
-There are suprisingly no lists like this that I could find easily on the Internet, so I decided to make one.

The Wendy’s
-Background of why I like Wendy’s.

Standing in Line
-What it means for businesses when you spend time standing in a line for something.

2 Flights Cheaper than Direct?
-Ever wondered why it’s cheaper to fly an additional flight than to fly direct, even though it might mean more time that you take up space in an airline’s seat? Well, read this post.

High Gas Prices?
-I don’t think they’re that bad and here’s why.

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