First Post

So here’s my first post ever. Basically, I expect this blog to be set up in about one week from today (or in one day, depending on how much I can get on and comprehend everything that I need to do to finish this set up). Right now, the blog is not on the homepage. That is because I can update the blog from anywhere. I am also used to Blogger and not WordPress, so I’ll start with this and see how it goes. Frankly, I don’t know how to set up blogger on my site because I’ve never tried; it’s probably just as easy as this was to set up on my website.

Yes, NReviews is my website. I’m not sure what direction I was headed when I started this site four years ago. I guess I was trying to make this some super review website, hence the name. It was after I got the website, and probably about two years ago, that I discovered blogs and podcasts. I actually got into podcasting, via my IGPX website. I thought it turned out pretty good. Actually, my IGPX site is the best thing I ever did, and I am still working on completing it. In case you don’t know, IGPX was an anime that aired on Toonami from November 2005-August 2006. There was a few months’ break between Season 1 and 2, and a couple times it went off for a few weeks (holidays, and such). IGPX is the first TV show I ever got into. So, after the first season ended, I noticed nobody else had a fansite for IGPX. So I made one. I’m sure if somebody else made one, it would have been much better, but what I have is what I have, and for me, it’s pretty good work.

My site was supposed to be dedicated to Nintendo stuff. That’s what I did for a few years. NReviews was short for Nintendo Reviews, but I guess the domain name of was taken. Then, IGPX came out, and this was March of 2006 when I started the IGPX site. I was done with my Gamecube, so no more reviews would be for that. I was also pretty much done with Pokemon. I can’t remember when Emerald came out, but I’m actually playing it right now. Sigh…I guess I’ll never rid my life of those darn little pocket monsters…well, whatever. So for the last year, I haven’t done much with the Nintendo side. To be honest, my biggest explosion in visitors was actually when I had the Pokemon site. I never followed through with that subsite the way I wanted. That’s because, obviously, others had already done what I was trying to do-make a comprehensive website. However, I thought I could try the IGPX site because nobody else did it. In the end, it worked.

But, I’m back to where I began-not many visitors and no signs of it going up. So, I figured if I was going to make a blog, I should put it here. “But wait!”, you might be saying. “What about continuing the Nintendo stuff? After all, you stood 19 hours in line to get the Wii, and you were the first one to get it!” Yeah, that’s true. Honestly, though, I’m not enjoying my Wii that much. Rather, I’m using it in ways I didn’t think I would. Instead of trying to beat Zelda, I’m surfing the Internet, and playing older classic games. Well, I’m glad I have it, nevertheless. I’ll be real happy when SSBBrawl comes out. I hate to say it, though. Regardless of what I do, I don’t know if I’ll ever find one persistent niche for me. I’m saying, the Nintendo part isn’t working, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be continuing to review games. I guess it’s just not practical. IGPX was practical because I loved it, and I would probably write all that info that’s on the site down anyway, so I figured I may as well share it with the world. I even got an exclusive interview with the series’ US producer for it, so not too shabby.

So where is this site headed? To the blog. I like blogging, even thought this is my first blog and post. You can tell I love to rant (right?). So you can check up on me and my ranting every so often and hopefully gain some insight. This blog is part of my huge four-year site anniversary revamping, as I call it. Right now, I’m still making the big transition from site to blog. That doesn’t mean any of it is going away. It just means that I’ll have to relink everything. As of this writing, I am proposing to make this blog my homepage, and make the site secondary. Should I go that route after nearly four years of site work? I don’t know, but the site will always be there. I’ll just be posting the links to the website to the right over there. Then, hopefully, people will still be able to see what I did do for four years and hopefully get something out of it. My name is Josh Morgan and welcome to my blog!