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New Dexter Freebish

Oh, man! My favorite band ever is being reborn early next year! They have a digital release coming out on Jan. 13th, on Amazon MP3. They have four new songs, and new¬†recordings of their best songs. What is interesting about their new recordings is that they are of a different style. They feel more like …

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Ohioans: Please Vote

I’ve said it once on this blog, but it’s worth repeating-no president has gone into office the last 40 years unless they won Ohio’s electoral votes. There’s a reason campaigning is so big in the Buckeye State. Yet I know so many people who are not voting who are eligible. I think registration is too …

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Stuff is Breaking

I have had a lot of things break recently. I’d like to list them here for the fun of it. I will also note the current status of each thing: -My computer: This is probably the biggest one. A few days after installing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, my computer crashed. Granted, I have …

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New Website

You may not have noticed it if you are directly linked to my blog, or the RSS Feed. But, if you try going to the Index page of this website (simply put,, you’ll find that it no longer automatically redirects to the blog. The new site acts as a bridge between the new and …

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Blog Issues

I’ve noticed my blog isn’t working. If anyone knows why, please let me know. I’m much appreciative of any help. It may just be my computer, but it’s safe to assume it’s not. I can only see the last two posts, and all the links on the right side are broken. Thanks for any help!

Better TheBuses

Oh yeah! The Honolulu Advertiser reports that by 2013, half of the current TheBus fleet in Oahu is expected to be hybrid buses. You can ride a hybrid bus on Route 17 and Route 18 currently. They truly are better experiences. The ride is a bit smoother, for one. The whole interiors are better designed. …

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High Gas Prices?

Perhaps you thought I was going to agree with you that gas prices are high. I actually don’t think they are high. The reason is because I know they are not high when viewed in comparison to other countries. Now, I know some of the examples I mention may have their reasons. Gas prices in …

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WordPress Themes

It looks like I’ll be stuck with the blog design that I currently have because it’s becoming very hard to upload new themes that work with my blog. I don’t know what’s going wrong in the upload process except that some file called ‘header.psd’ isn’t uploading. So, I hope you like the design (aka theme) …

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The Empty Hole (Christianity or Culture)

This is kind of funny. What I originally thought was an ad for something affiliated with Christianity turns out to be something else. On Facebook, the ad reads, “A stress ball can’t fill the empty hole in your heart.” It’s true; only Jesus can fill the empty hole in your herat. But below that, it …

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Customer Service Needs to Show Impartiality

This is just in general, but I like to think that human emotions come into play when people sound upset with customers. However, the mindset behind some of the lower than average experiences I’ve had with customer service is usually due to the partiality I’ve been shown. Actually, my worst experience with customer service,¬†I believe, …

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