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November Daily Post Reflection

Now that we are at the end of November, I’d like to use this post as a reflection of the wide range of posts that I ended up creating for this month’s ‘experiment’ of making a blog post every day. I talked about some experiences I had in college, I talked about some Christianity-related things, …

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Daily Post Inspiration

In a nutshell, I was inspired to even do these daily posts by Tim Challies. Not directly, but I was indirectly inspired when I read one of his own posts in late October celebrating the anniversary of his blog. His blog is rather successful, I would think, and while I am not aiming for success, …

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Cheat Post

I actually published this a tad past midnight on the 25th, so I had to cheat the post date and time to say I posted it before then. Sorry! I’ve been really busy!


I haven’t played too much of it yet, but for $10, Audiosurf seems like a steal. You simply play the game using music that you own. If you want to play slow music, the game will move slower; likewise, faster music makes the gamer harder. You simply race in an F-Zero like machine trying to …

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Full Day

I am very busy this week, especially tomorrow and Friday. I hope I can make more actual posts this week instead of cop-out posts like this one, which is just a ‘status’…

New Feature

So apparently I can make a status update on my blog. I guess Facebook and Twitter has influenced WordPress to includes such a feature. Well, at least it counts as a post (somehow), so I don’t need to make a full-fledged post today, which is great because it’s Saturday!

Google Street View

Am I the only one who does this? I use Google Street View to see exactly where I am going from either a nearby train station, bus stop or familiar intersection, so that I never have to go to an area and be ‘surprised’, in the sense that it will be new to me when …

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Immediate Music

Every time I think I remember the name of this company, I forget it. So I am writing it here not only to share with you all, but for me to be able to remember it without searching on the Internet. Surprisingly, it doesn’t immediately come up upon searching Google, but alas, the company’s name …

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Standing in Line

Here’s my theory, and I hesitate to call it a theory since I know I am right about this. Whenever you stand in line for something, that business is making money off of you. Why? Simple. Think about a grocery store. Occasionally, the company will open another register when it gets full so that they …

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Website Update

The website is now undergoing a major update. This post has replaced a previous post that I had published on the website, and the post (titled エコ) will be published again tomorrow. The website, including the blog, is currently undergoing a major update. Expect to see some major changes on the blog layout, as well. …

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