My name is Joshua Morgan, and I run this entire website including this blog. I am in my 20s and have run this blog since 2007, with the site itself being up since 2003. The website hit its stride with the advent of the only major fan website dedicated to the TV series, IGPX (theigpx.com redirects to the IGPX section of my website).

The tag of this website is “Redefining the ‘random’ blog”. You’ll find that there are topics that I’ll tend to cover, such as Nintendo, the Oscars, Japanese music, Christianity, and so on. This my personal blog, so I can’t say that there is a consistent theme or message, but I hope that in each individual post that stay consistent, informative, accurate and most importantly true to the topic.

This blog began after I decided to switch focus from reviewing Nintendo games. The URL reflects my reviewing Nintendo products. However, I wasn’t able to secure a URL with the word ‘Nintendo’ in it, so I just shortened it to nreviews.com. The “n” could technically represent anything, so while I was disappointed at the time, I am really glad that I was able to get that URL (though I’d like to change it completely so that the “reviews” is gone, but it is the way it is).

As for me, I am a Christian and you’ll certainly see the occasional post regarding the topic of Christianity. No matter what I write, I hope to exude principles that are Biblically reflected. This simply means to write posts on anything that would not compromise those values found in the Bible. Certainly, a post on my Oscar predictions or E3 predictions should not be expected to be filled with Bible verses or Christian doctrine. Rather, anything that I post should stay consistent with my overall worldview which comes from a Christian perspective. In the same way many bands would hesitate to label themselves as a Christian band, I cannot consider this a Christian blog (certainly not in the vein of bloggers like the great Tim Challies, for example). I am simply a Christian who runs a blog on many topics, and one of those will sometimes be Christianity.

It turns out that aside from Christianity, I am also super interested in Japanese things. I can’t really explain why I like Japan and Japanese things so much. I honestly don’t know. I just chose to take Japanese in high school, so I must have thought that the idea was cool. I continued throughout college studying Japanese, and while barely getting by at times, I graduated successfully majoring in it. I still am learning as much as I can because Japanese is truly a hard language to master. And as I hope to sharpen everything in my life, including my Japanese language abilities, I hope that as I blog more that my overall conveyance of ideas will come across better with every post. There will be the occasional spelling mistake; the only editor I have is myself. I do go back to older posts every once in a while as a sort of ‘quality assurance’ thing. Unlike other blogs that strictly do not edit posts, you may see an occasional word change even years after a post is live. Certainly, if I catch a spelling mistake, you’ll see that corrected right away.

Finally, commenting for posts stays open for a few months after a post first goes live. Comments must be approved before going live and are completely at the discretion of me. Obviously, I will not edit content, so you do not have to worry about that. This is simply to ensure that comments stay on topic and do not blatantly attack any particular group of people and the like. It also appears that the comment system will delete your comment before it even comes up for review if there are too many swear words in it, so be warned of that. So the main point is that visitors should think of commenting here as a privilege first, not a right. Thanks for understanding.

To wrap up, I encourage everyone to visit the links provided in the sidebar area. Remember, this used to be a website before it was a blog (well, it’s still a website, obviously). So, please check out my website by using the links labeled under “NReviews Sites”. Thanks for reading this!