E3 2015 (Quick and Easy) Predictions

Here are some quick predictions for this year’s E3. There seem to be some certainties about E3. I am making predictions on things that I am fairly sure will happen, but are not guaranteed. In other words, I wouldn’t call any of these predictions particularly bold. I will be more surprised than not if these don’t come true.

-Star Fox Wii U will be playable

People who had been listening closely to Nintendo for the past year would not at all have been surprised when Nintendo “suddenly” announced that Zelda would be pushed back to 2015. Nintendo stated way before that announcement that Star Fox had been progressing rather well and would be released before Zelda. I think the game has been finished for the majority of this year and now they are just testing and tweaking. So there’s no reason for Nintendo to hide any longer.

-We will see Retro Studios new project

A bolder prediction would be what that new project is, but I think it’s safe to say that whatever it is, we will at least see a trailer. Could it be a new Metroid? Or how about a new F-Zero? We’ll have to see.

-EA will come back to the Wii U (in some form)

Here’s the boldest¬†prediction on the list. Nintendo has been doing much more with the Wii U recently¬†that I think it could be enough to bring EA back. It’s not for certain, as other publishers have shyed away from Nintendo as well, but any company loves money, and with the penetration rate of the Wii U in America, it makes sense for EA to get back into the Wii U market. I added the “in some form” part becuse there is a chance that EA ‘coming back’ mean a Wii U version of something that they have either already done (sans Mass Effect 3) or it could be a Wii U exclusive of some sort. Tough to say, but I don’t think EA can avoid the Wii U forever.

So there are 3 predictions here. The first one is more or less a ‘gimme’. The second one is nearly for sure. The third one is more of a toss-up. Some might argue that there’s no way EA is coming back. We’ll see. This year’s E3 is almost here!