Top 5 Songs from Sakanaction’s Night Fishing

These lists will get progressively more interesting and, of course, more difficult. It seems that with every album that Sakanaction released, they had more and more amazing songs. This list is still probably easier than some lists I’ll make for later albums.

5. Aishu Train

I was a little surprised when Sakanaction chose this song to be in the 2014 Japan tour. But I am glad that they liked it enough to perform it even in 2014 when they have tons of songs to possibly choose from. This is a song that feels heavy on the music that accompanies the lyrics. This is unlike “Night Fishing is Good” where the lyrics are more dominant. But this is a great song that is well paced and makes the top 5.

4. Ame wa Kimagure

It’s hard to talk about this song, but it has a sort of fading in and fading out effect that permeates the song. It’s also rather upbeat, so it is always fun to listen to

3. Word

Leading the album off is “Word”. There’s a certain simplicity to this song. We tend to hear this kind of simplicity in Sakanaction’s older albums, so it feels right at home on this album.

2. Night Fishing is Good

Here is a very interesting song on many levels. It is somewhat slower-paced, especially towards the beginning. It picks up halfway through and changes its tone and really sets itself apart as a truly original song. By the time we get back to the chorus for the end of the song, it feels like a different chorus somehow. It is the same tempo, but it feels more excited. We’ve journeyed through the slower parts at the beginning and so the ending feels all the more worthwhile. This is also one of the first times we’ve heard the other Sakanaction members sing in the song. This is something that becomes a norm for future albums, and this is a song that may have helped to start that.

1. Sample

Like Aishu Train, this song is a little heavy on the music. There’s a certain thickness to the techno style music that we hear and it sets off the song in a good direction. The first third of the song feels very energetic. Then we get to the middle third of the song which is a bit quieter than the first third. It quickly picks up to exit this part and enter the final third of the song. We get more guitar time in this last part along with a piano (I think…), and the song gets to release a lot of that energy that it has built throughout the song. Ichiro Yamaguchi’s vocals are strong, which also helps elevate this song to the top of this album’s best list.