Top 5 Wii U Games I’d Buy Now (if I owned a Wii U)

If I was harsh with Nintendo a few days ago, let me show some love by telling you what games I’d buy if I owned a Wii U today. None of these games by themselves are compelling enough for me to want to buy a Wii U. However, if I owned a few of these games, I’d be pretty happy. I did the order of this list backwards for some reason. Maybe it’s because my first choice is a tad random:

1. Need for Speed Most Wanted

This may seem like an odd choice for #1. But I remember playing a game of the exact same title about 8 years ago. It was a game that I loved so much that I actually looked forward to going home after school to play it. The police chases were just awesome. If this newer version of the game can imitate those well, I will be a happy person.

2. Pikmin 3

As I said above, there is no game on this list that would make me want to buy a Wii U right now. Pikmin 3 is included. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to play it As a huge fan of Pikmin 2, there’s no good reason for me not to get this game.

3. Mass Effect 3

Having missed out on all of the games in this series, I wanted to finally give it a try with the last one. While I’ll be missing out on the first two games, I have heard that the game plays well on the Wii U.

4. Super Mario 3D World

I wasn’t so interested in this game as I was hoping for something a bit closer to Super Mario 64. All “main” Mario games since then ┬áhave done a good job. I think Super Mario Sunshine did a good job capturing a sense of the things that made Super Mario 64 good, and of course the Wii’s two “Galaxy” games were both a lot of fun. So while the style of this game is a bit different (and I’m still a bit uncomfortable about this whole cat suit business…), Nintendo seems to have an idea of what they’re doing still.

5. Nintendoland

Well, I’ve heard good things about this game when you have some friends over. Frankly, the gameplay videos make it seem too good of a game to pass up completely. Like Mario Party, there is probably little appeal if played by oneself.

There are still some games I’d consider getting:

-Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed

I played a quick demo of this game at GameStop. Wasn’t amazing, but seemed to have potential. And I liked the original one for the Wii quite a bit. But with Mario Kart on the horizon, I could also pass this one up.

-Lego City Undercover

Like the recent Hollywood movie, this game is said to have a good sense of humor. That alone would probably make it a good buy.

-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

While I am not sure that I would die without this game, it would be fun to revisit.