Top 5 Songs from Sakanaction’s GO TO THE FUTURE

Sakanaction is currently my favorite Japanese band. They’re one of my favorite bands ever. All great bands had to begin somewhere, so I am going pick what I thought were the best 5 songs from this album. This is their first album, and their were only 8 songs to choose from, so in some ways this was difficult to narrow down. But here they are:

5. Yoru no Higashigawa

This is a great ending song for the album, and while it’s not a fantastic song on its own, it keeps things relatively light as we say “sayonara” to the album.

4. Inner World

In some ways, this song is the most Sakanaction-y of all of their songs, even though it’s a bit strange to call it that. After all, I can only make that statement knowing all of their current music. And yet, even with that statement, this is terribly original. The beginning of the song is simply the same sentence over and over (egaita; which could translate to “I drew a picture”, among many other possibilities). The build-up from the beginning of the song is great, and it holds the electronic synthesizer feel throughout the duration of the song.

3. Shiranami Top Water

This track starts off kind of light, but really builds toward the end. There’s not a lot to dislike about this song, and yet it’s a tad hard to explain what it is. It’s also the only song that has a music video that wasn’t shot in widescreen (I think…). Give it a listen.

2. Fukurou

It was hard to give this song a higher spot that Shiranami. Fukurou is a surprise of a song that comes towards the second half of the album. In case we think the band has run out of steam after Amefura and the album’s title track (hint-neither of those made this list, in case you were wondering), it comes back with this slower song that really shows the emotion of Ichiro Yamaguchi.

1. Mikazuki Sunset

Here’s a simple song that could. Here is a song that is hard to believe was Sakanaction’s first major PV debut, and the frontrunner for the album. Again, a proclamation like that can only be said when you consider all that they have done with their music in the later albums. But here shines a great example of what a little bit of electronic music and a little bit of attitude (not to mention slightly interesting lyrics if you can understand them) does for a song. This is a easy song to listen to and is surprisingly replayable. The music video seems rather normal to me, but this song is anything but, and it is a great song to represent this album.