(Un)healthy Food?

I feel like I keep hearing from people about food/drink choices that I make that are unhealthy. Perhaps lately, it’s been more on the drinks side.

I really don’t get it. I kind of just want to throw my hands in the air and ask, “Is there anything that isn’t, in some context, unhealthy?” I think most nutritionists and doctors would agree that eating or drinking only one thing is not wise. I think I’ve heard of dangers of too much Vitamin C (though Airborne has quite a bit, I do take some a few times a year), but then we need to have some, right? And while I think most people would agree that sugar isn’t the best thing for us to consume (think soft drink products and candy), we do need at least a little bit of sugar to process vitamins, right?

In the first place, is it really fair to say that one particular food or drink is bad? Let’s take some examples. There isn’t much good in Oreos, but couldn’t a person have two or three and be fine? Coca-Cola seems to be a bad idea, but wouldn’t one cup (8 fluid ounces) be okay? I mean, I am told that fruit juice is a bad idea. I suppose that the calories might add up, but is 100% fruit really that bad?

I am perhaps more at a loss when I consider that people tend to very quickly comment on other people’s unhealthy eating or drinking habits. However, people tend to overlook emotional or mental things that are unhealthy. I’m not going to get on here and say that I’ve got a great diet. If you think I am changing topics just to avoid the fact that I eat bad, you are already missing the point. I’ll admit it-I don’t get enough dark green vegetables, and probably many more things that I am too lazy to think about. Bad excuse? Yeah.

What about our emotional lives? I spend so much time making a budget for everything I spend, but I rarely take the effort to consider the nutrition facts for food and drink I consume. I would wonder how that would look. There are websites that do a good job of telling you how your daily eating habits breakdown in terms of nutrition, and whether you’ve reached or surpassed daily recommended values for things.

But do you see what’s happened? I’ve made it so easy to carry this blog post along by basically only talking only about food. I still haven’t really talked about emotional health. I’m trying to say that I think that we should consider our bad life choices that lead to bad long-term emotional effects more than considering our bad eating habits.

Think about it. Nobody kills themselves because somebody told them they shouldn’t eat a certain thing because it’s unhealthy. It’s because somebody told them that they are worthless. It’s because somebody told them that they don’t live up to a certain, potentially arbitrary standard. It’s because people talked more about their bad eating habits rather than some other bad habit that might be ‘eating’ at their psyche.

When are we going to stop talking about food and start talking about what matters?

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