The Disappointing E3 Nintendo Direct

You can read my previous post to get a basic understanding as to why I am disappointed with Nintendo right now. I was just asking for some revival to some old franchises on the Wii U. Particularly, F-Zero and Star Fox would have been nice; Pilotwings also is a personal favorite of mine.

It’s bad enough that none of these franchises were announced, but what’s more, Nintendo somehow thinks they can sustain themselves with what they have coming up this year. As for now, there is practically no reason to buy a Wii U before next year’s E3. Don’t get me wrong-Super Smash Bros. looks amazing. The trailer was smart to show both the 3DS version and the Wii U version at the same time. I am also looking forward to Monolith Soft’s “X”, which will likely see a name change before its release. The problem is that neither game is being released this year. While X may be released before next E3, the odds of Smash being released before June of 2014 are extremely slim. If we’re really unlucky, we might have to wait until 2015.

For now, Nintendo has done nothing to sell the system to me. While I really want to play Pikmin 3, I can’t justify just that game for a purchase of a Wii U now. The price of the Wii U will likely drop before bigger games like Smash come out (hopefully) and I can know better if the system is right for me.

While people are sort of getting sick of the yearly Call of Duty and such, the fact is that if you are a fan of these series, then Xbox One and PS4 have you covered. I don’t know too much about their first-party lineups, but I don’t feel like they are shafting fans this much.

The Wind Waker will also be amazing. But while Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy stunned people, I just don’t see the same happening with the new Super Mario 3D World. Am I judging too quickly? Probably I am. It very well might be an amazing game. New Super Mario Bros. Wii was an amazing game. But when I say that games like Metroid Prime and Wind Waker are amazing games, there is some territory that comes with that. Those games are different enough that when I say they are amazing, it is on a different level. I haven’t played Fez, but if I say that it is amazing, it is still a very different type of game than Metroid Prime. Both are amazing, but on a different level.

So while I might enjoy the new Mario and the new DK experiences on the Wii U, I’d rather be experiencing a new Mario 64 like experience and a new Star Fox like experience. I think Nintendo is going to win over the younger and family market. But in this day and age, I expect a lot more. I am very disappointed with Nintendo right now. While I will look forward to a very epic looking X and a sure-to-be-good Smash Bros., Nintendo will not get much money from me in the meantime.

P.S. That is not to say I will stop buying games. I just bought Wii Party brand new, and am looking forward to potentially buying more Wii or DS games that I may have missed. But obviously, I won’t be buying into their newer stuff.