Top 5 Nintendo Franchises that Skipped the Wii and Should Be on Wii U

With the advent of E3, I’d thought I’d make a list of five franchises that I want to see on the Wii U. I am only considering franchises that didn’t make it on the Wii. I am not counting remakes/reboots. Pikmin would make this list, but I am leaving it off because we already know that it’s coming to the Wii U in the form of Pikmin 3. However, we don’t know about these other franchises yet. Here’s hoping that Nintendo, or the respective third-party publishers, will take the plunge and release these franchises on the Wii U.

To make it clear, this list is talking about new games from these franchises. Some of the ones on this list may have had versions on the Wii that were remade using the Wii controls. Those games wouldn’t disqualify the franchise for my list. If we didn’t get a new game from that franchise, that is what I am referring to.

5. Pokemon Stadium

This is the only game on my list that also skipped the Gamecube (GCN) generation. We had Pokemon Colosseum, which was sort of Nintendo’s attempt to make a Pokemon console RPG. It was average at best. I doubt we will ever see something like Pokemon Stadium again on the consoles, but then again, why not? I liked the ability to have separate missions, like the Gym Leader Tower and such to use my Pokemon from the portable versions. I think players can use Pokemon XD for the Wii to battle on the Wii, but the Pokemon Stadium series seemed to do it best. Plus, I still consider the mini-games to be quite outstanding. Well, maybe not the first one as much as the second one. Actually, the system that they set up for Stadium 2 was quite nice. Anyways…it was fun.

4. Mario Golf

We know now about a 3DS version coming out later this year. It’s being made by Camelot, which makes me happy because I think they have been doing the series very well. What they did for the N64 was this-they made a console version which was like a Nintendo version of Hot Shots Golf. Then they made an RPG version (IGN gave it a perfect 10 when they reviewed it) for the Game Boy Color. That game was in some ways better than the console version, and either way was likely one of the best portable golf games at the time. You could connect these games with the Transfer Pak and use your created characters on the N64 version. I think you could even earn experience that transfers back to your portable version. How cool is that? They did the same thing again with the GCN and Game Boy Advance versions of Mario Golf. It was once again a match made in heaven, in my opinion.

The bottom line is that Mario Golf seemed to do it right. It is looking like the 3DS version will not be an RPG, but will be closer to the prior console versions. This makes me think we may not see it on the Wii U. But if they had the willpower, I think they could definitely make it for the Wii U. Camelot actually made a non-Mario golf game for the Wii called, We Love Golf! It was published by Capcom; perhaps Nintendo didn’t want to take a risk on another console Mario Golf? This theory is supported by the fact that while Mario Tennis (same developers) saw a remake on the Wii with new controls, Mario Golf did not. So we’ll see.

3. F-Zero

F-Zero GX was one of the hardest games for the GCN, and considered by many to be one of the most difficult games of all time. It’s also one of the most fun games that GCN had to offer. Complete with great music and graphics, this iteration of the F-Zero franchise truly took the next step in making the series more current. Sadly, F-Zero took a complete vacation during the Wii days. I think with a new controller, F-Zero could see new light on Nintendo’s new console. GX was developed in tandem with Sega, so I think Nintendo could do well to have them work on the series again.

2. Pilotwings

When I was writing this post, I knew there would be one franchise that I completely forgot about. This was the one. But it makes #2 on the list because it’s one that seems to be a potentially very capable franchise on the Wii U. Like my #1 on the list (which presumably you haven’t seen yet because you haven’t read ahead…), Pilotwings would do so well with the new controller. The new controller could display all the radar and relevant mission information so that it would be easier to focus on the main TV screen with what you are trying to accomplish. I never played the 3DS version, so I don’t know what they did with the second screen on that game. The second screen here could definitely be utilized well, and I think this would be a great game. It’s kind of amazing there wasn’t a Pilotwings game at the launch of the Wii U. So, get on it, Nintendo.

1. Star Fox

If none of the other four franchises make it on the Wii U, I hope that this one does. It’s been over 8 years since a Star Fox console game, and I think we deserve a new one. The new Wii U controller seems to be the perfect fit for a new game. We don’t know what Retro Studios is working on in Austin, TX. I hope that they are secretly working on a new iteration of this beloved franchise. We’ll likely know next week what Retro Studios is working on, and if it’s not this, what else could it be? Here’s hoping that Star Fox comes back, regardless of who is working on it.

I made this list kind of quickly. Are there any that I missed? Let me know.