Song of the Week for Jan. 20th, 2013

This week is easy because this song is being released in just a few days as a single:

“Music” by Sakanaction

Not exactly the most original title (the B-side to this single has a name that can be translated as “movie”…), but the song itself feels original enough. It reminds me a lot of “Endless”, which was not released as a single, but became popular largely due to its greatness, and a nice music video to boot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that end up on this list someday.

For now, Sakanaction’s 8th single brings together what has always made Sakanaction great. Namely, this is a superb combination of verses leading to a great chorus. As they did with Yoru no Odoriko, there is a sort of double chorus going on. Basically, the last 90 seconds or so of this song is fantastic. It’s worth waiting over 3 and a half minutes.

Those first 3.5 minutes are hardly just waiting, though, as they help to build into the final chorus. This final chorus takes a little bit from the ‘teaser’ chorus and combines lots of singing noises without ever becoming too noisy (in both volume and possible convolution). Simply, this is another hit from Sakanaction.

It’s natural that I would like this single, but I have to admit I was a little worried after Boku to Hana. Boku to Hana is nowhere near a bad song, but is perhaps a bit of a departure from the band’s usual fare. But I’ll save that and other ideas for a grander Sakanaction post down the road. For now, please enjoy their new single. And if you live in Japan, you might want to consider buying it new-at 500 yen, this is a quite a bargain. 500 yen is the listing price for this single; I thought maybe it was a sale price when I pre-ordered it on Amazon. Sure enough, they are being bold and listing it for 500 yen. Should be interesting to see the sales figures later…