Song of the Week for Nov. 11th, 2012

Here’s a Japanese song, but you wouldn’t know it:

This storyends by winnie

I have the lyrics for this song as another blog post. If you were to Google Search it, this site would come up. I and many others wonder why this band and this song are not more popular. It has a catchy enough chorus and the song really emphasizes the band’s vocal talent.

The English in the lyrics (which takes up 100% of the lyrics, even though the singers are Japanese) is pretty spot-on, in terms of grammar and such. But like many songs, it’s not like the song has to make perfect sense to everyone. I think it does as fine as any other catchy song does in being good.

The lack of popularity could be due to the fact that winnie is not the first band of Japanese people who are doing solely English-language songs. They might not be any better than other bands who do this, but they are certainly no worse. That’s one reason why this song gets a highlight from me.