Song of the Week for Nov. 4th, 2012

Back to Japanese songs this week.

星に願いを by flumpool

The song’s title is the exact same title as a song from Pinocchio-“When You Wish Upon a Star”. This song’s tune by flumpool is very different than the tune (and tone) that the Disney song took. The titles are the same, but what is being said is different. One of the most memorable parts of the song is the actually the last words-“I have to go…” The music video would suggest a sort of desperate having to go, as the main character in the video is seen running. Perhaps he is running towards a star. Perhaps he is running away form something.

I am not a fan of flumpool’s use of some amounts of nudity in their marketing and CD covers. This may fit the band’s relatively ‘young’ image, but it offends at least one person. If I didn’t care about flumpool, I guess I wouldn’t care about them using these tactics. There’s obviously some other bands in Japan who use some sex appeal and such to market their stuff (capsule, to name one). All of that aside, flumpool has a great lead singer which is basically how I got into this song, and somewhat into this band. I can’t say I love them, if especially because I cannot get past their marketing choices. However, it shouldn’t affect this song being well made.

It’s a relatively normal rock song, but it takes just the right rhythm and tone with its subject matter. The song isn’t all great, as the singer seems to be focusing on stars as something he depends on, or wants to meet someday. It’s all well-to-be, and I can’t fault the song itself too much for my personal opinion against borderline worshiping or seeking out a star for personal things. Frankly, if this bothered me too much, I wouldn’t own the song or be recommending it here. I think it is more telling of this culture, and while flumpool may not completely ‘get it’, they can at least convey their thoughts and emotions well through this song.