Song of the Week for Sep. 30th, 2012

The last song of September:


There’s something simple about this song that makes it likable. It’s not terribly fast nor involving, but it keeps the same tone throughout the song. This is actually the first song I have heard from this band. I don’t know if this style is typical for them, but I would be glad to hear more songs from them and give more songs of theirs a try.

I sometimes need to hear songs like this to restore my faith in these types of songs. What I mean is that in this day of faster-paced rock, metal and rap songs, it’s nice to hear something that takes a simpler approach. And yet, this is also not a slow melody either. Beginning Japanese students will likely find this song fast if they sang it at karaoke.

All of this being said, this is a solid song worthy of this week’s spot.