Song of the Week for Aug 5th, 2012

I am temporarily (hopefully permanently?) bringing back the song of the week that I was doing a few years back. There seem to be “plenty” of songs I could do. Today, I will do one of a JPop band. I don’t know if I have done Japanese songs in the past, but I certainly have quite a bit of Japanese songs under my belt having been in Japan for a while.

待ち合わせの途中 by plenty

I am not sure if I like too many other songs by plenty. Basically, for every JPop band, there is one song that I know/like (except for AKB48, if they can even be considered music…). From plenty, it is this song. This song is probably perfect except for the last 10 seconds. I’ll probably be talking about this more this month, but it seems like a lot of bands have trouble ending their songs sometimes. It doesn’t seem like a hard task, but the end of this song ends on a strange note, I feel.

But that aside, this song features a good range of the lead singer’s vocal abilities. It helps that the song is also good lyrically. I think the lead-in to each chorus was well thought out. Oh, just listen to it so you understand-

So, I hope to continue this “feature” of my blog. Probably, I can talk more if it’s an English song because I will understand the lyrics more clearly. Look forward to next week for that.