Arrietty OST Available in iTunes

Just wanted to make a quick post that The Secret World of Arrietty’s soundtrack is available through the US iTunes store for $10.99. I bought the CD on sale and I think it was around $20, so this is a very reasonable price for an excellent soundtrack. The soundtrack was never released in America, but fortunately the original company from Japan has made it available to the US market through iTunes. If you watched the English version, the song “Summertime” is not available in this album, though it can be purchased separately through either iTunes or Amazon (w link).

I was considering doing a review, but there’s already a few reviews up around the net, it seems. I suppose a short review of some of the highlights is in order. I am a purist when it comes to soundtracks, and it seems that they have included almost every piece of score that was in the movie. As is usual with original soundtracks, there are slight differences with what you hear in the film version at times, but it’s basically all of the same stuff. In fact, many of the pieces are expanded whereas the film versions were shortened to fit the scene more perfectly. There are also a few extra ones, such as “Tears In My Eyes” and “Goodbye My Friend”. If you love hearing Corbel’s voice, then you’ll appreciate “Goodbye My Friend”. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, and I am happy they left it out of the film. The film feels appropriate to end on “Arrietty’s Song”, and the full original version that was heard on the Japanese language track on the DVD is here. If there’s one sad exclusion it would be the English version of Arrietty’s Song, though that can be purchased separately anyways.

This is truly one of the more original film soundtracks I have heard in a while, and the recordings are of high-quality. Certainly, this type of music won’t be for everyone, but if you were like me and noticed the music during the movie and recognized its greatness while you were watching the movie, then buying the soundtrack is probably a no-brainer. I was surprised that most reviews of the movie fail to mention anything about this film’s beautiful score. I’ll save the “music makes the movie” argument for later, but let’s be honest-Star Wars would be nothing without its music. This movie would have been worse without such good music to accompany it, so I am glad that it is of such high-quality.

Anyways, be sure to look on iTunes for this soundtrack. It’ll be worth supporting if only because the chance to own this soundtrack is available now.