Movie Theater Security

I remember when I was watching the final of the newer Star Wars movies in a movie theater. It was a matinee and I think it was over a week past the original release date, so the theater wasn’t very full. I remember maybe less than a third of the way through the movie, a young boy was opening the exit door near the ground level (it was stadium seating, which is the way every theater should be, but…). This was very obvious because it was still daytime outside, so the slightly bright light from the door being open even a little bit made it obvious that someone was there.

Quite unfortunately, the victims of the Aurora, CO shooting didn’t have the sunlight as an advantage. But to continue the story-the boy opened the door a little wider maybe a minute after his initial opening of the door ever so slightly. This time, one or two other young boys walked into the theater and then proceeded to sit down and watch the rest of the movie. My dad and I were like…uh, yeah…as in, “yeah, that just happened”. Of course my dad and I and I presume everyone else was too lazy or too much into the movie to say anything to any staff. I mean, hey-it’s possible that one of the guys was just having a smoke break and needed somebody to let him back in.

In any case, this seems like an obvious breach of security at a movie theater. If theaters stepped up security they could, at the very least, keep people from walking into a movie for free in this manner. I still think something needs to be done to keep people from so easily sneaking into a second movie, but this is still a problem that theaters face. Frankly, I don’t think theaters care about people who sneak into a second movie. Think about it-they could hire someone to stand watch at a screen’s entrance to prevent this from happening. However, that costs the theater more money. There’s no way that those people who were going to sneak into a second movie would see a person guarding another screen and then proceed to buy a ticket for that movie. They’ll just leave. The theater loses more money. That’s why they don’t do it.

But getting back to the exit door issue…well, I don’t know what a theater can do about that. I have seen many theaters provide exits with no door handle on the other side so that people cannot easily sneak inside. That doesn’t fully prevent people from doing it, but at least they cannot act alone and enter a building, basically, illegally.

Well, I don’t know what good this post has done, except to note what has been observed by this blogger. I hope that theaters will do a better job at keeping their places secure. I must say, as a final thought, that considering how calculated the Aurora, CO shooting was, I doubt that too much could have kept him out. If it wasn’t that theater, it would have been another one somewhere, I believe. Quite sad that it happened.