Why Do I Watch Saw?

I’ve now seen Saw, Saw II and Saw III. I remember back in high school that people would ask each other, “Have you seen ‘Saw'”? They would reply, “Yeah, I saw ‘Saw'”. Yeah…

I think the reason I even had the inclination to watch Saw II and Saw III after seeing Saw on TV and rating it a 5 out of 10 is a peculiar one. If I go and finally see a movie ┬áthat I have high expectations for like Black Swan and it turns out to be not so good, I will be disappointed. With the movies in the Saw series, there’s very little expectations. So they’re actually slightly enjoyable because I am not sitting there wondering if the movie is going to be good. I know it’s going to suck. So I have the distraction out of the way.

That doesn’t change how bad Saw III was, in particular. I couldn’t stand the main character’s choices. Defenders of the movie will likely argue that that is the point. Fine. I’ll move to the point of wasting the audience’s time with replaying footage from other Saw movies. Defenders will likely argue that this had its place in making connections with the older movies.

Whatever. I doubt I will keep watching the others. I say that now, but with the availability of the others at my fingertips, it would be easy to waste another 90+ minutes on Saw IV and such. I will also say this-the first three films at lest all feel like they were conceived at the same time. Saw II and Saw III don’t feel so much like sequels as continuations of each previous film. It would probably be easy to sit down in one day and watch all of them. One issue still remains-it is grating, not necessarily to sit through the horribly bloody scenes, but to sit through the various other scenes that they seem to just drag out for long periods with no purpose.

That’s all.