The Wendy’s

I feel that a little background information on me and Wendy’s is necessary (especially if I am going to marry it).

I think people have this idea that I have always liked Wendy’s. Well, it can be said that I’ve never really hated Wendy’s. But I really didn’t start going to Wendy’s as frequently as I seemingly do until more recently in my short life.

I think the first time I went to Wendy’s was when I was about 12 or 13. My father took me to Wendy’s after a local high school basketball game. Our family was never a big fast food family, but when we did go out, it was usually to McDonald’s. Even then, I think I always had their chicken nuggets (the first Big Mac I ever had was in Japan when I was 16). When we went to Wendy’s, my father had commented on what he thought of the big three chains-McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. He said that Wendy’s had the best burger. Needless to say, he was right.

This was a time that I rarely had burgers, so I was a ketchup only kind of guy. I didn’t even want cheese on it. They often still put the cheese on, and they honestly never got my order exactly right. Despite the constant errors, I still liked Wendy’s for whatever reason. It’s not like I went all too often. The only other time I can vividly recall being young and going to Wendy’s was when I wanted to buy the second Golden Sun GBA game. I had to wait nearly two hours in a clothing store with my older sister and mother who promised we would go to Target shortly after. We did, but they didn’t have the game in stock. I was rather upset. So my mid-afternoon present since I was a little bit hungry was a very small junior burger from Wendy’s. It cheered me up.

So Wendy’s was deemed my favorite fast-food restaurant. But again, it wasn’t like I went often or anything. It’s just that if I could have a say in where I went, I would choose Wendy’s over something else. When I went to college in Hawaii, Wendy’s was quite sparse. I only went once my entire freshman year in Hawaii. This was over the winter break, which meant I went without Wendy’s for well over 4 months before that occasion. The one time that I went, I thought the taste was a bit off, and I never went back in Hawaii that school year. That summer (2008) I went to Japan for about 5 weeks, and didn’t even know Wendy’s was in Japan. I didn’t even think to look it up online, though when I actually did, I found out that there were some in Tokyo. That summer I got very addicted to McDonald’s Mega Mac, which is 4 patties instead of the traditional 2 patties of the Big Mac. I went to McD’s over 15 times, but Wendy’s only twice.

When I went back to Hawaii for my sophomore year, the chance to go to Wendy’s once more arose. This was a couple months after being in Hawaii. This second time that I ever ate Wendy’s in Hawaii was actually very good. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I went about 5 more times that school year. I even tried once to go with several friends and we were literally on our way when our RA requested us to be back to the dorms earlier for an event she was holding. The trip would take nearly one hour by bus, so we quit only after a couple bus stops and stopped off somewhere else.

It was really the summer of 2009 that I, for whatever reason, started frequenting Wendy’s. And it was quite often. I went probably 2-3 times a week that summer. I occasionally would order their triple, which tastes quite good if I skip lunch (and in theory, breakfast) and have it for dinner. It happened that this was the summer before I would study abroad in Japan. I discovered there were Wendy’s locations near where I studied abroad, which was in Kobe. I ended up going to Wendy’s about 2-3 times a week in Japan for a while. Like McDonald’s that previous summer of 2008, having an American restaurant in Japan is something of a ‘safe’ thing for Americans. I could have just as well gone to McDonald’s as often, but why would I go to McDonald’s when I could go to Wendy’s? It’s not that I love Wendy’s, it’s more that it’s just slightly better than McDonald’s. I’d rather people know that I love cheeseburgers, because that is more true than the idea that I love Wendy’s.

Of course, no matter what, when Wendy’s closed all of its restaurants in Japan when I was there, I was saddened. I slowly began going to McDonald’s more often, and even now I go to McDonald’s about once a week. McDonald’s isn’t Wendy’s, but they do serve a decent hamburger. Both the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder have their good points, though I usually order Big Macs more often anyways.

It’s true that I wanted to go to Wendy’s a lot. I think the reason was that I would be able to share a great experience with others. Wendy’s was kind of ‘my’ restaurant to show people. After all, it started in my home state of Ohio. I think the summer of 2009, which is the summer that truly kick-started my love for Wendy’s, is when I took more pride in being from Ohio. So, Wendy’s is a part of me in this way.

It all starts with this kind of blog post. Because I can hear it already. “You’re obsessed with Wendy’s because you blogged about it”. Isn’t that too easy, though? There are other ways to make the argument, but why even make it? I can perhaps admit (yes, I used the word ‘perhaps’) that I am addicted to Wendy’s. But I don’t think any more so than the way some people are ‘addicted’ to alcohol and proceed to tell everyone else about their drinking stories. Or the people who always talk about their horrible roommates on Facebook. I am not going to point fingers. Because I don’t care. If they can talk about that, I should be able to talk about Wendy’s, right?