November Daily Post Reflection

Now that we are at the end of November, I’d like to use this post as a reflection of the wide range of posts that I ended up creating for this month’s ‘experiment’ of making a blog post every day. I talked about some experiences I had in college, I talked about some Christianity-related things, I talked about a lot of different Nintendo-related topics and a post about jubeat. I also talked about Wendy’s in Japan, Hulu in Japan, Escalators in Japan and, of course, me in Japan. I also made a somewhat major graphical update to the blog. I think it had been a couple years since I have changed the look, and I am most impressed with the way things are looking on my blog now.

Doing these daily posts was not intended to increase the amount of visitors to my site. Actually, I have had one of the lowest amounts of visitors this month, which is a little bit surprising. My impression of how visitor counts fluctuate is that posting about certain topics at times in which that topic is popular will generally see a rise in the amount of visitors. So flooding my website with so many posts doesn’t give one good post enough time to have its day on the front page, so to speak. Some of my better posts were quickly pushed lower and lower on the homepage simply because the newer posts will take precedent.

The quality of the posts varied. Actually, a lot of them were kind of half-baked, especially towards the end of the month. It became difficult to think of meaningful posts every day. I was extremely busy last week, being gone almost all day Tuesday-Friday and also Sunday. I think the nap I took today was 3 hours long, and I still feel like I have not caught up from last week. It’s not all work-related, but certainly I was busy. It’s interesting that there is an option to make a post like a status, but that also makes it easy to make short posts that are likely not meaningful. Yet, I could probably make an entire post about the phenomenon of status updates that Facebook and Twitter helped to foster.

I think I learned a couple things. One is that I essentially can come up with many ideas and talk about them. The other is that it’s probably best to not do as many posts as I did in the same period of time. However, I can certainly do one post a week, and I hope to be able to stick to at least that much. I have a feeling I won’t do a post tomorrow just to say I can finally have a day off.