Nishinotoin Gate

I had a really good day today, and while I will talk about the rest of the day, I’d like to first mention about the highlight of my day. So there’s this ticket gate at JR Kyoto station that is quite unique. Most ticket gates (exits of stations) lead to streets, and occasionally underground areas. These are likely considered normal. However, Nishinotoin gate is special because the ticket gates are actually located inside a store. Imagine walking down an aisle of Best Buy and looking to your left and seeing an electronic ticket gate for a train station actually leading into the station. I was in shock. It worked out that I would use that gate to leave Kyoto today, and I definitely would have missed my once-an-hour train had I not been able to go directly from Bic Camera (a close counterpart to Best Buy in Japan) to the station, I wouldn’t have been able to get to my train in 5 minutes. I was stoked. I’ll get a good picture next time and post in on here.

Before that occurred, another very peculiar event occurred. I was looking at a new jacket like shirt thing and thought I should try it on. I thought it looked pretty good on me-at least a little bit stylish. While I was facing a mirror, another man from almost behind me tried to get my attention by asking if I worked at the store. As soon as I turned his way, which was probably mid-sentence, he probably realized quite quickly that I, in fact, did not work there. This was a Japanese man, and he quickly dismissed himself saying something to the affect of, “ah, never mind, sorry”.

Waking up at 5:20 AM was not a highlight of the day, but it is totally fine because I had planned to meet with a friend in Osaka anyways. It was good to see him again, and hear of his troubles. I am glad I could be someone to hear what his feelings were. Having breakfast with him, lunch with another friend, and nice ol’ soba in my room makes the day rather complete. But since it’s almost 9, and I will have been awake for nearly 16 hours, it is about time I sign off for now. Just a few more days in November!