Makes a Christian

This may be the second time I have taken this kind of survey. The survey was 95% about other things than religion, but then it asked this question: “What makes you a Christian”. The answers are interesting. I tried to answer it in my mind before looking at the choices. Here were some of the choices:

-“My family is Christian”
-“Going to church”
-“Converting to Christianity”
-“Being raised as a Christian”
-“Being baptized”
-“Believing in God”
-“Doing good things”

There are some problems with these choices, and I chose none of them as my answer. To be fair, some of these situations help. Obviously, if your family is Christian, then they will have an influence on you (whether that is a good or bad thing is up to you). Going to church will obviously have a Christian influence, and hopefully positive. “Being baptized” is an interesting choice. If you were baptized as an infant, it doesn’t mean as much as someone who chose to be baptized as an adult. In that case, it wouldn’t make one a Christian, but it would at least point to a specific time in one’s life when they at least intended to be or thought they were a Christian, so it is helpful inn that sense.

One choice I need to dispel is simply doing good things. The thing is, most people believe they are good, so if doing good things made one a Christian, we would have to say to many people are. Actually, that answer is extremely vague. Surely even Hitler did some good things in his life. So, really, the choice should be broken down to explain whether it includes people who do more bad than good. But even that is vague-how could you classify someone in those terms? There are serious problems with that choice, and I really hope that no Christian would think to choose that as a qualification for Christianity.

There were a few choices that were closer; one was “Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior”. This one is interesting because I don’t know it it’s entirely Biblical. For that matter, how does one go about ‘accepting’ Jesus? There are many people who accept Jesus as a good person, but not necessarily God. There are people who accept Jesus’ teachings as admirable and good, but that doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things.

I selected one answer, besides “Other”, being “Believing that Jesus is the Son of God”. That latter belief alone is not enough to be a Christian, but it is crucial. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe those words, but they don’t believe that Jesus is God. That is another prerequisite. But even Lucifer believes that Jesus is God. He knows it. He doesn’t follow God. So, I believe we can follow God by bridging one gap between us and God, which is mainly our sin. If we repent of our sin, truly, then we are one very important step closer to becoming a Christian. In a sense, Christianity is having a personal relationship with Jesus. But it is also more than that. It’s being wholly God’s, and living one’s life for God in the most complete sense possible. It can’t be just a part of a Christian’s life. It must be the entirety of their life.