Mass Transit vs. Vehicles

I won’t say too much on this topic now, as I could go into it more down the road. But, after watching the November edition of Honolulu on the Move, I decided to make this post. That program highlights developments in Honolulu’s rail transit project, expected to take several years yet before being fully operational. I liked what one of the women said regarding the times changing. Mainly, I wanted to reiterate what she said, in that we have to ‘resort’ to doing things we may never have had considered before. As if riding the bus was ‘resorting’ to something all too inferior, but to someone who may have been driving all of their life, switching to riding the bus is certainly a notable change. This woman said that her neighbor had not ridden a bus in 35 years, but with her husband unemployed and the rising costs of gasoline, it makes sense.

This is partially why I have no sympathy for those who complain about rising gas costs. Where I am from in Ohio, you used to have to take a car to work. It’s becoming a little better with buses being available enough throughout the day to get people to and from work. I am glad enough people are supporting that to keep it a viable option for commuters. It’s important for those who don’t want to have to deal with paying for a car and for gas. Having an option such as transit is what is important. I think the Honolulu on the Move is highlighting the correct points in addressing the concerns people have.

You can view the video here:

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