New Post Every Day in November

I am trying something new this month. I am setting a goal to have a new post every single day this month. Even if it’s something short, I want to try to have a new post every day.

If you’re looking forward to reading my posts every day, according to the time zones, you can probably view them when you wake up if you’re on the East Coast of the US. If you’re in Japan, I’ll probably be doing them around evening time.

I’ll probably do a post on how I was inspired to do these posts in the first place during this month. I am really trying to completely commit to this. I had at one point been doing a “Song of the Week”, which didn’t last all too long. Posts would be weeks apart, sometimes. I didn’t really even finish my Top 25 movies’ list, and I was supposed to post my Top 30 maybe even a year ago, and somehow never really got to it. Well, in these cases, I don’t really want to just post a list. I want to justify my choices more thoroughly.

In any case, I am not restricting the topics of the posts in any way, so it makes it easier for me to really talk about anything and (hopefully) have something to say about it. That includes today’s post, which is talking about making a post every month. This very post counts as one for today-November 1st, 2011.