New jubeat (Copious)…Without Some Older Songs

Of course I was excited about the new jubeat. It didn’t take me long to notice, however, that there were some songs missing.  A full list of the 50+ songs that were removed (yes, 50+) can be viewed here.

Here are the top 5 songs I wish were still in jubeat Copious:

5. FREE FREE (Ami Suzuki)

This was a shorter song, so it’s not higher on the list, but it was a song I played often with my friends. It’s a shame this one had to be removed.


While this song kind of didn’t fit jubeat in my opinion, it was just catchy enough to be missed. Why didn’t it fit jubeat you may ask? If you listen to the whole song, except for maybe the opening (which was left out of jubeat anyways), not much of it is conducive to the normally fast-paced game. Still, it’s sad to see it go.

3. Control (kary ng)

This Chinese song felt longer than some other songs, and had a good beat to it, which is exactly what this game asks for.

2. ふがいないや (YUKI)

While a cover of the original, this song was quite catchy and with the high-pitched screaming girl voice, it really did fit quite well with jubeat. This and my #1 are probably more personal favorites. I doubt this song was played too much or will be missed too much.

1. PLAY THE GAME (ロードオブメジャー)

This one is completely personal. I actually hated playing this song on Extreme and even Basic. Why is this on the list? This is the song that got me into jubeat. This is the first song I played. I even failed it the first time I played it. When I clicked “Next”, I thought I was scrolling to the next page and ended up accidentally playing it again. I passed it the second time. This song is the essence of jubeat to me. It takes a catchy tune and asks you to press buttons to it. I am actually considering seeking out those precious few remaining older versions of jubeat just to play this song.

Not entirely sure why any songs, let alone 55 or so, were removed. My guess is that they were some of the least played songs. Frankly, there were no ‘heavy-hitters’ removed from the current version of jubeat, so I shouldn’t complain too much. Still, one has to wonder why. It makes me think that Konami had to pay the companies to license the songs? Gosh, I would almost think that the companies would provide the songs for free, just because it’s almost like free marketing for the songs. Okay, maybe I am the only one that went out and bought some of the songs because I heard them in this game…