Oh, Otakus!

A survey recently conducted shows what goes through an otaku’s mind. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I’d thought I’d go through it. Basically, the question asked was, “What behavior of otakus would annoy another otaku?”

Thought I would share this link first, so you know I am not stealing the results:


I’ll go through this list backwards, and I will only go through some of them. You can always read the full list forwards on the link above. I’ll comment on them as I go along.

17. When they show off that they are a well-dressed otaku.

I think this one is implying that otaku are generally less well-groomed than normal people. As an otaku myself (okay, I guess I am admitting it), I will say that I mostly know how to be well-groomed. I am too lazy to care about how I look most days. On important occasions, I can dress nicely enough, I would like to think.

16. When I realize that they have no integrity or policy for deciding what to buy.

I don’t really care so much about this one. Does their always need to be consistency when we buy stuff? My policy has been to buy as much as I can for the a franchise that I am die-hard about. That has basically been IGPX. I’ll also try to get limited editions of some things when offered, like the Collector’s Edition of Metroid Prime Trilogy with the pre-order bonus of a poster. That kind of thing.

14. When I realize that rather than sharing the knowledge with fellow otaku, they prefer to show off to ordinary people.

Well, we have to let the world know we are otaku somehow…

13. When they just repeat Wikipedia verbatim.

Okay, this kind of annoys me, actually. I know people who are like books when you ask them questions. Sometimes, I just want a personal answer of what you think about something, rather than a textbook sounding answer of what something is generally accepted as.

11. When I realize that although they say they like something, they know nothing of the roots/background.

You have to really be an otaku to even be able to detect this, I think. Still, I prefer people who are honest about how much they are familiar with something. I am guilty of being the guy who kind of pretends to know more than I actually do, sometimes. If you listened to some of the answers I would give for Jeopardy, it would be totally off in some other direction, but still kind of sound like a good answer.

10. When all they ever add to the conversation is “Yes, indeed!”

Agreement is fine, I guess. This one almost implies that otaku are constantly testing other otaku’s knowledge. I bet there is someone out there who knows more about IGPX at this current point in time than I do. I can’t always remember what country every character is from, for example. Was Amy from Ireland? And which of the Team Velshtein characters is from Germany? Hard to remember, sometimes.

9. When they show off with “I knew them before they were famous.”

Ah, this one is great. People do it all the time with bands in America. There is something cool about being ‘into’ something before it becomes big. Why? Because you liked them when nobody else would. You believed in them first, in a way. Trust me, all otakus like this feeling.

7. When they boast about having a friend in the industry.

This must be more common in Japan. I do find it funny that it doesn’t specify which industry, but I have a feeling it’s referring to the anime/manga industry. This would be pretty rare in America, I would think.

6. When they criticise other otaku with “I don’t want to be that kind of ultra-otaku!”

Well, I definitely would like to not be a super otaku. I don’t think I’ve criticized other otaku in front of them. Hey, if they want to be ultra otaku, that’s fine. I think the underlying implication here is that otaku is already extreme enough, so to try to separate oneself from the extreme side is not necessary.

4. When even though they don’t know things in detail, abruptly telling someone they’re talking rubbish.

This probably applies to a lot of normal conversations. I hate it when someone says I’m wrong, but can’t provide their own side of an argument or defers it until later. Then that ‘later’ never comes, so I am left feeling like I lost an argument when I didn’t even have a fair chance to defend my position. Oh well.

3. When they suddenly start spouting information in order to impress the opposite sex.

…are girls into that?

2. When they point out someone faking it by saying all innocently “Ahh, I heard there is that theory too.”

I think this one is referring to one’s tone when conveying this message. Because you don’t want to shoot someone down, but you also don’t want to affirm their position by talking about their side. Sometimes, I’ll affirm (or appear to) a part of what they are saying, by stating, “Well, I mean I do that too, sometimes, but…” and then maybe changing the subject. Bad habit.

1. When they get names or explanations just ever so slightly wrong.

Haha, yes, this one is classic. It doesn’t surprise me that this is what was considered most annoying. It’s almost like #2. I don’t want to shoot them down, but I can’t affirm the ‘fact’ they said. Argh, tough situations.

There you have it. I’ll have more from this intriguing website later.