June 2011 archive

Pixar Films Ranked

(Updated on May¬†3rd, 2017) This was a tough post to write, just because there really isn’t a horrible Pixar film. Even my least favorite Pixar film, “Cars 2”, isn’t a¬†terrible movie. Therefore, to rank these films almost feels like a crime. To call any of them better than another is difficult. The middle of this …

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Oh, Otakus!

A survey recently conducted shows what goes through an otaku’s mind. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I’d thought I’d go through it. Basically, the question asked was, “What behavior of otakus would annoy another otaku?” Thought I would share this link first, so you know I am not stealing the results: http://whatjapanthinks.com/2011/03/28/when-one-otaku-annoys-another-otaku/ I’ll …

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Nintendo at E3 2011

Nintendo had a pretty good press conference this year. While it was short at no more than 75 minutes, it provided us with quite a bit of info about WiiU (which may as well have been called Wii 2). Nintendo was hyping up this press conference for a while, and it was about everything I …

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