Top 5 Kirby Powers (in SSBB)

This post officially begins a new category at my blog, which is Top 5. I think I am going to begin with video-game related stuff, but will probably move to other topics later on. This post, while beginning the category of “Top 5”, is not the first Top 5 list I have done. The most recent one I can think of is the Top 5 Nintendo games of the past ten years (link here). I hope to do some more like this. This one is rather specific, but it’s one I have nonetheless thought about and wouldn’t mind posting. Makes me wonder if anyone will agree/disagree with the choices I’ve made.

This list was inspired by the fact that I play Kirby all the time on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. One move I don’t always do is the ‘B’ move, which is Kirby’s copy ability. There are lots of characters to copy. Even though there’s 35 characters, there’s nearly 40 different abilities because of ┬ásome characters having multiple ‘forms’ (i.e. Pokemon Trainer, Zelda/Sheik, etc.), so there’s quite a few to pull from. As I usually do, I will list them in a ‘countdown’ manner. So I will start with number 5, but the #1 is what I believe is the best one.

5. Ivysaur (Pokemon Trainer)

One of the three ‘forms’ of the Pokemon Trainer is Ivysaur. He makes the list mainly because if his ‘B’ move of Bullet Seed can do upwards of 40% damage to an opponent. If the opponent is caught when one begins Bullet Seed, the attack will last for a good few seconds and rack up damage. If your opponent can’t seem to get out of it easily, they may take even more damage. For Kirby, this helps a lot.

4. Jigglypuff

With the move Rollout, Kirby can do a lot of damage, if aimed and charged up correctly. It also gives Kirby more range, which was an important factor for this list. Jigglypuff might have been higher, but it is a little more difficult to execute this move successfully, so Jigglypuff’s power lands a solid #4 spot.

3. Wolf

The top 3 are probably highly contestable, so I should probably defend my choices. For Wolf, his Blaster can do a good amount of damage. It can even stun the opponent, so to speak. It also has a slightly better range that helps Kirby get enemies that are farther away. For these reasons, he lands #3. I unfortunately couldn’t put Fox and Falco’s ability on here.

2. Samus

I’ve always liked wearing the Samus helmet with Kirby. More importantly than aesthetics, though, is the ability that Kirby can Wield if he copies Samus’. Her Charge Shot gives Kirby a lot of range, and it can be very powerful when charged up. It lands a higher spot than Jigglypuff because it is easier to execute, and when you charge up Samus’ Charge Shot, you can hold the charge for later, which also explains why I put it so high on the list. As with #3 (Wolf), there are other characters with similar abilities (like Zero Suit Samus or Lucario). I felt Samus was appropriate, though.

1. R.O.B.

This might be debated, but I really like R.O.B.’s ability. Sure, it’s not the most powerful of the abilities that Kirby can copy, but his Robo Beam is an extremely good range (the whole level, I believe) and has a good knockback ability. That really helps Kirby knick enemies from far away, and whittle down their ‘energy’, as it were, so that they can more easily be taken out later. And apparently, if you wait a while, you can get a Super Robo Beam, which is more powerful. I also like Kirby’s imitation voice for R.O.B.’s beam. That’s enough to make this the #1 ability that Kirby can copy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

So there you have it. I have some ideas for future lists, but they are all video-game related. If you’re interested in other ‘Top 5’ lists, let me know. See you guys soon!