A Word on 3DS

Just a few thoughts on news from Japan regarding the Nintendo 3DS.

The price point is roughly 25,000 yen, which would be around $250 if the economies were good…with the yen dipping below 100 yen per one US dollar, the price comes closer to $300 US dollars. I don’t think that will let Nintendo think they can get away with a price point that is higher than $250, though. In fact, I personally think $200 is pushing it. I mean, $250 for a portable system?

Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea; people are paying $300 for the iPod Touch. Granted, it is a very diverse device since it can play music, allows users to play motion and touch based games and even allows for Internet access (why am I explaining this, actually? You all know what this is…). Still, it is interesting to think people might be paying as much or more than what people paid for the Wii at launch ($250). And if the 3DS does start at $250, it would be priced higher than the current price of the Wii, which already comes with one additional game; I don’t know if I count Wii Sports as a game as much as Wii Sports Resort, which is a game I highly enjoy, by the way.

I was reading one blogger’s opinion (newspaper, mayhaps?) on the price, but she also mentioned how many of the games are ports of older games. It’s an interesting complaint, but not one I or Nintendo takes very seriously. Come on; the Wii was full of ports. I feel like half of my games are ports, certainly not including all the Virtual Console games I’ve downloaded. Metroid Prime Trilogy, Resident Evil 4 and Okami are all ports of older games. Yes, they are better with Wii controls (and Nintendo of America darn well better release Pikmin 2 soon), but they are ports. I am okay with it, though. I hadn’t played some of these games anyways, so I may as well play them with new controls. Heck, that’s what us older gamers do-we replay the games we love. Ports are easy to make, and generally easy to sell. It makes every sense to have Ocarina of Time as part of a ‘starting lineup’ for the 3DS. I know people who are buying the 3DS just for that game.

Well, there’s my two cents on the 3DS for now. Can’t wait to hear Nintendo’s announcement of the American price point!