October 2010 archive

Top 5 Kirby Powers (in SSBB)

This post officially begins a new category at my blog, which is Top 5. I think I am going to begin with video-game related stuff, but will probably move to other topics later on. This post, while beginning the category of “Top 5”, is not the first Top 5 list I have done. The most …

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Digital Storage Prices

This post will likely be another short one. I was reminded of how 4 years ago when I went on a trip to Japan with my high school, I bought a 2 GB SD Card at Best Buy to put inside my (mom’s) camera and use on the trip. The cost of that card was, …

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A Word on 3DS

Just a few thoughts on news from Japan regarding the Nintendo 3DS. The price point is roughly 25,000 yen, which would be around $250 if the economies were good…with the yen dipping below 100 yen per one US dollar, the price comes closer to $300 US dollars. I don’t think that will let Nintendo think …

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