Japanese Major and a Bachelor’s Degree

This will be a quickie since it’s late and I have homework still, but it’s precisely because I have homework that I am writing this. The homework that I need to do for classes that begin in approximately 6 hours is almost entirely unrelated to the study of Japanese language. The one that is most closely related to Japanese language is my JPN 451 class, Structure of Japanese, and is one of my favorite classes-if only because it deals the most with Japanese language. While I am not at all expanding my Japanese language knowledge with this class, I am at least learning about how it is structured phonetically and such.

It gets worse from here, though. Although I want to learn Japanese language, this semester I cannot. I am learning it by myself, of course, but it is not formal. I wish I had an actual Japanese language class. I am taking a traditional Japanese literature class, and I should be interested. However, I believe the pace is very fast. And in either case, I feel it takes time away from my intended self-study of Japanese language. I suppose the same could be said of my Classical Japanese course and my Metaphysics course. My Metaphysics course fulfills a writing requirement by the University.

A Bachelor’s Degree really is a Bachelor’s Degree. Even though I clearly concentrate in one area, the amount of study in other areas is immense. If I could have devoted less time to those ‘minor’ areas and more time to my major, maybe I could have gained even more from this education. As it stands, I have to make the most of the situation and pursue what really matters. I just wish I didn’t have to do this homework right now; this homework has nothing to do with Japanese language.