The 1sts and Lasts of Hawai’i

Hawaii has a number of interesting random facts. Thought I’d list some of them here. This list sprouted from this fact I found today:

-The state of Hawaii has the nation’s smallest county in terms of size-Kalawao County. With a population of just 147, Kalawao County is separate from the entire rest of the island of MolokaŹ»i. Unfortunately, it is also considered the poorest county in the United States, based on income. Interestingly, state law also forbids anyone under the age of 16 to live or visit there.

-No state consumes more spam than Hawaii. Not much to be said about this. I never ate it before coming to Hawaii.

-This one is a bit random: in an Everybody Votes Channel survey (administered by Nintendo for the Wii console), Hawaii was the only state with a majority of the vote that, when given the choice between Japanese and Chinese food, would prefer to eat Japanese food.

-Hawaii has the only city in the nation that has a name with no consonants-Aiea. Aiea is also where the University of Hawaii at Manoa plays their football games.

-Perhaps one of the more obvious facts, Hawaii was the last state to enter the Union. Hawaii now enjoys all the benefits of federal funding, though many native Hawaiians may [ethically] argue against the overthrow of the islands’ original monarchy.

Hope to add a little more to this list later.

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