Gamers in Game Cafe Fight Back When Robbed

I might only be sharing this because it occurred in Hawaii, and on the same island where I go to school. But it might also be because I found it on, and I also would like to share some comments that I read on there.

So, there’s the video.

Now, on, which I would consider a hardcore gamer’s website, many people have commented. Some comments have been genuinely funny. Others have actually been about Hawaii itself. I’d like to address a few of those.

One commenter writes, “How big is crime in Hawaii honestly? You are on an island. Where are you going to run?”

One person replies, “The island next to yours.” Well said, very well said. What many people forget is that there are numerous other islands. If they don’t catch you and have a lot of details about you, it’s very easy to just get on a plane and be on another island in 30-60 minutes. Of course, now with the new requirements for airlines by the federal government, that may change. We’ll see.

Another commenter writes, “Wait, this is in Hawaii? That’s a looooong way out to be playing PC games. Must cost a fortune just to ship parts over there.” This is true, actually. It does cost a lot to ship out parts to Hawaii. But, the USPS has a nice system of allowing the flat-rate Priority Mail boxes to go to and from Hawaii. If anything is over 2 pounds, it’s cheaper just to send it in a flat-rate box. The bigger boxes are more expensive, but I think it’s still around $15 for the biggest. I can usually get 20 pounds of books in those ones, so it’s totally worth using those to ship stuff.

Here’s one I relate to: “I love how it was the top story of the day.” In Hawaii, not much really goes on. So just about any news makes news it seems. Here, even if that was the ‘top story’, it wouldn’t have been a 2.5 minute segment of the news. That is a generous amount of time to give to this kind of news story. When my university opened a new cafeteria, at least two news crews were there. A cafeteria? Wow…

Here’s one more about Hawaii: “So newsmen in Hawaii report in Hawaiian shirts huh?” Well, yes. It’s cooler than wearing a suit. That’s the great thing about Hawaii. You don’t need to dress up formally if you have an Aloha shirt, as I have heard them called.

Well, enough about Hawaii. Here is my favorite comment: “The robbers spring for their pocket change when there is likely over 15 grand of gamer gear all around them? Ha, do you think if us gamers really cared about money we’d be spending our life savings on gadgets? Buying a new speaker system in the midst of paying off school loans? Springing an extra $40 for the special edition of our favorite sequel while our fridges remain near empty? Go ahead, take our wallets…

But you try and take my DS with that copy of Pokemon Diamond I’ve nearly completed the Pokedex on? The one I’ve sunk nearly 300 hours into?

*unbuttons shirt, revealing costume…*”

Ah, so true, so true.

Well, this has been a fun post. Be sure to read the original article at See ya soon!

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