August 2010 archive

The 1sts and Lasts of Hawai’i

Hawaii has a number of interesting random facts. Thought I’d list some of them here. This list sprouted from this fact I found today: -The state of Hawaii has the nation’s smallest county in terms of size-Kalawao County. With a population of just 147, Kalawao County is separate from the entire rest of the island …

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Gamers in Game Cafe Fight Back When Robbed

I might only be sharing this because it occurred in Hawaii, and on the same island where I go to school. But it might also be because I found it on, and I also would like to share some comments that I read on there. So, there’s the video. Now, on, which I …

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SAT Verbal Vocabulary Words

While is great for Japanese vocabulary learning, it also apparently has ‘goals’ for learning and mastering the 500 most frequently seen vocabulary words on the SAT Verbal section. I actually never took the SAT, but after glossing over the word list, I must say I know quite a few of them. So, I wanted …

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