Airport Security Thoughts

I got a message a few days back asking me about airport security and ‘random screening’ and what I thought of it. Thought I would just share what I wrote to the person:

“Airport security really isn’t that bad, though it might seem daunting at first. The process may seem somewhat complicated-I can remember about a year back an older lady throwing her hands up in frustration at how ridiculous some of the procedures involving liquids is.

Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg. Most countries’ airport security now require taking off shoes, as well as any hint of metal (belts, cell phones, watches, wallets, etc), and putting them through the conveyor belt. But once you realize and accept that this is all airport security is, then there really is nothing to it. It is just a standard procedure we must all go through.
What about random screening? Well, I can’t say I have been ‘randomly’ screened, but I have been put under “additional screening”, which is the same process as having been randomly selected. I actually set off the metal detector twice, which is enough to do this.
But this is also fairly harmless. In America, a person of the same gender will come out and do a light pat-down of areas where certain objects may hide. They talked me through it so I knew where he would ‘feel’ next. I felt completely comfortable and not violated at all. Hopefully everyone can have a good experience like mine if they ever have to go through it.
All in all, airport security isn’t perfect, but I don’t think it’s as big a hassle as everyone likes to make it. Just give yourself extra time, and check local screening procedures.”
Just some thoughts this Tuesday morning.