March 2010 archive

Nintendo 3DS

Here is a my third blogcast on the just-announced Nintendo 3DS portable console. A few other random topics are thrown in, like Factor 5’s death, and new Pikmin games. NReviews Blogcast #3

2007’s Movies List: #5

Here’s an important editor’s note: I wrote 75% of this review probably about a year or two ago. Why I waited so long to get this out, I am not sure. I was perhaps waiting to release other reviews before this one. But seeing that the ‘2007 Movies List’ will likely never get finished (at …

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2010 Oscar Predictions

It’s that time of year again! This time, being in Japan, it’s probably one of the hardest years for me to predict the winners. In some ways, this year is very predictable but in other ways it is not. Nonetheless, it should be very interesting. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the Oscars …

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New Dexter Freebish Song

As you might know, my all-time favorite band, Dexter Freebish,  is releasing their new album soon this year. In an interview with, Dexter Freebish also provided a new file photo of the band and a link to a brand new song, never before heard. It’s called, “Save the Last Dance”. It sounds really great, …

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