January 2010 archive

How’s Nintendo Doing?

So, IGN wrote an interesting column about how Nintendo is not creating decent, brand-new content, but we as the consumers are just fine with that. I’m not writing this article to directly pounce on anything specific that IGN wrote, but rather the concept itself-that Nintendo could be doing more. It’s an interesting topic, really. I …

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Wendy’s Closed in Japan

For more than a week now, Wendy’s has been gone from Japan, due to licensing issues with the parent company in Japan and the Wendy’s/Arby’s International group who would have to issue permission for the parent company (Zensho Co. LTD) in Japan to continue to license out the Wendy’s name and products. Naturally, I was …

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Top 5 Nintendo Games of the Decade

Well, I had to be fair and admit that in making a list of the top 5 video games, I really only have knowledge of Nintendo games. But hey, I think that’s good enough. Of course, this list isn’t just Nintendo-produced or published games-it is games that appeared on any Nintendo system in the last …

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