Had to add a post. You don’t even know why Muji is the best store in the world. I am a stingy person, and admittedly can’t really afford much at Muji except their pen cases, pens, erasers, notebooks and water (which is the best water in the world-get it right now). But the items they sell are just so amazing. I mean come on, where else can you get a bag in a bag? It’s crazy good stuff. Of course you can use the bag to put Muji stuff inside, as seen on their website or use the even smaller bag to your liking.

Now that it’s Muji Xmas, there’s even cooler stuff for geeks like me. Muji focuses on its no-brand model, and succeeds at that. So the Railway Station in a Bag item bears no brands, but the familiarity that the sheer sight of a train brings renders it enough for me to freak out about it. I think I found my Christmas present already…

Now go to Muji’s website, click Play Muji and love.

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