Josh in South Korea

Here’s hoping my laptop doesn’t shut down because I’m running on very low battery power…but yeah, here I am in South Korea. This might be the only time I am hear for a long time. I won’t be going out of the airport, but I am excited to be sitting in the world’s best airport…too bad everything is closed.

My Korean Air flight to Incheon (near Seoul) wasn’t as long as I thought, and had a very extensive entertainment system. There are screens on the back of every seat, but it does more than what one might expect. You can choose to watch a number of movies that were just in theaters (some released on DVD) and play it at your own convenience. I was able to watch Duplicity and pause it several times for different interuptions. I was even able to rewind some parts I may have been partially distracted sitting through. And there wasn’t just four or five movies-there were around 30, all-new movies. There were even some golden oldies available, like Dances with Wolves.

The music section is equally extensive, featuring more classical composers (i.e. Debussy, Mozart) than pretty much all the ‘newer’ stuff (i.e. Katy Perry, Daughtry) combined. Then you could check off your favorite songs and put them in your own personal playlist and play only those songs. I found five that I liked enough to put in my list, and it was cool to have instant access to them.

There are also some video games, in which you turn the attached remote sideways like you might do with a Wii remote. I didn’t really get into those, but had I been more awake, they might have been a fun distraction. Also there was the option to view a live map and a few other things. All in all, it would be very hard to top such a system in economy class, that’s for sure. It blows NWA’s Japan flights which don’t even have screens at every seat-at least they offered music through the seat.

Well, this airport is voted best in the world, but I might not know simply because everything is closed right now. Hopefully stuff will begin opening soon. They did have an extensive ‘Rest and Relax’ area with live entertainment (keep in mind stuff is closed), showers, a prayer room that looks like a traditional chapel with pews, and other things. It’s quite interesting to see how they’ve arranged everything, as well. The gate areas are longer than they are wide. There’s only 6 seats per row until you have to start moving back farther from the gate. I’ll hopefully take some pics

Well, just wanted to fill some of you guys in. I’ll report again when I’m in Japan!!

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