Into the 7th Year…

Wow, it’s hard to believe that today I am beginning my 7th year with this website. It is truly hard to believe. This website has really come a long way. Blogging is something I’m clearly not too frequently doing, but at least I have some motivation at times to write stuff. It’s very interesting to see where my site has led. I started it off being all about Nintendo stuff, and I almost went with the URL Guess somebody got it before me, or something. I had wanted to keep my focus on reviewing Nintendo games. Though I still have a passion for that, I guess I felt like I wanted to move on from those days of writing reviews for mainly Gamecube games and such. It was a fun ride. I was able to develop some ability to podcast, and post audio reviews (that are horrible sound quality by today’s standards). It’s been a while since I’ve podcasted, actually.

I learned how to work which a much better audio editing system, which truly changed the way I even listen to music. I was then able to make better quality podcasts. This was one reason for beginning my most ambitious and most successful project-the IGPX website. Knowing I had the ability to make a fansite for the TV series that I loved was part of the inspiration. I also saw a need for one-there were a couple around the Internet, but no really extensive website. And I had already planned to follow the show after the first season stopped airing into its second, and what would be its final season. I was okay with that. I was able to develop and maintain a fairly decent website for the show by podcasting week after week about the season in progress and such. I still can’t believe how much work I put into it. I’m looking back and thinking, “Did I really do all that?”

And yet, I still feel that in some ways, the other IGPX fans have done more for the series in their websites or blogging about it than I have. Despite how extensive some aspects of the website is, there is even now room for improving on what is there. And as much as I talked about IGPX yesterday, I do want to move forward with this post by simply reiterating my love for the series. If anything, this site showed that niches could be filled. In the end, Jason DeMarco, producer for the series, graciously provided me with an interview. It’s about the highest I could go, and I am still eternally thankful to his willingness to put up with me and the site.

The time that IGPX was around was really the last year of Gamecube’s life cycle, so I think I was beginning to lose ideas for reviews anyways. I ended up buying the Nintendo Wii the very first day it was released (the first person in line; I’m still proud of that). I’ve felt close to writing reviews for some of the games I’ve played on the Wii, but have never gotten quite enough motivation to do that. This blog began two years ago, when I felt like much of the site was dying. IGPX had lost its steam long before 2007 rolled around, and I was kinda just wrapping up some loose ends. Besides the interview, I ended up doing a mock ‘Oscars’ for the IGPX series. I was hoping for a little more turnout in the voting process, but there was definitely enough people participating to make a consensus for each category I proposed. It also, in a way, gave me something to put on the website.

IGPX was truly a departure from the norm of doing Nintendo stuff, but I felt strongly enough to do it in the first place that by the time summer of 2007 rolled around, I felt like doing a major overhaul to the website wouldn’t be all too drastic. So here I am in 2009, still blogging somehow. The site has seen better days, but I am happy to be able to have some remnants of my work here. And I know that I can only keep growing, so I am hoping to be inspired enough to build even better aspects to this website, if I so feel like. What are some possibilities, you may ask? I have been sitting on this one, but have seriously considered making a lot of YouTube videos. We’ll see how that one goes, of course…

I’m nonetheless happy to still be around to welcome to my website the dawn of the 7th year. It’s kinda crazy, but here I am talking about it. I hope a year from now to reflect again on the past year, and hope to have by then achieved some sort of additional milestone. Could it be another big fansite? Could it be YouTube videos? We’ll have to see, and honestly, I’m pretty excited!