Update for IGPX Site Fans

There still seems to be a lot of steam for my fansite for the TV series IGPX despite the show being dead for nearly 3 years now. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your guys’ e-mails, comments and overall praise for the site, which is also practically dead.

Just wanted to send a quick update here because I am having some trouble getting back to updating the site because of the format I used. So I am actually coming out and saying, yes-I do intend to make updates to the site. For those who may have actually been waiting patiently for updates, it may come soon. For now, the site stands firm as the most extensive IGPX site on the web, and I truly hope to keep it up for many years to come.

If anyone knows the relationship between Google and YouTube, you might liken that to my relationship with my website. Like Google, I am losing money on the site. I have always been in the hole with this site, but it fortunately never bothered me enough to cease operations. And unlike Google, the amount I pay to keep the site up is comparatively very little-I think I read the number was over $170 million; that being how much Google loses a year from YouTube. But again, like Google, this website is sort of my own little playground. If I get rid of it, I lose a lot of what I’ve worked for. Google makes billions a year (I believe around 4) so in that sense, that is hardly a loss to have such a fantastic site on their hands.

My website itself has gone through many changes…okay, I should save this part of the rant for tomorrow since it’s my site’s 6th anniversary. But getting back to it, yes I definitely want to ‘finish’ what I started with the IGPX site; though one might argue it’s about as complete as it’s going to get. Rest assured, though I’ve been sort of promising this for way too long, I do want to get the site to a stage that I am satisfied with. Life has gotten in the way, but I hope that won’t stop me now that I feel more motivated than ever.

So, no-this post contains no new info about the series. Oh, how us fans can only hope for some sort of revival (and there should be one, at least a half-decent one at that). At that point, of course I would feel obliged to continue coverage on the series. But for now, I leave you with this post and my thanks. Thanks to all the fans over the past years! Here’s to whatever comes next to the site!!

Don’t know what IGPX is? Never seen the site? Why don’t I introduce it to you here, too: