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Okay, time for a rant.

So, I seriously don’t even know where this one is going, except that it’s going to involve airlines. I’ve recently been spending some time on the Air Travel section of Yahoo! Answers. While it isn’t as frequented as some sections, like say the Religion and Spirituality section, it does receive a number of questions per day. Interestingly, I see many similar questions. Many people seem to go here and ask how to overcome flying fears. I see at least one per day. There are some asking about the best airline websites, which is very easy-I just always use Kayak.

The extent to which my obsession with airlines goes is perhaps just short of a travel agent. I look for days on end whenever I need to book another flight peeling over what the good deals are, and usually landing on a flight that is handled by my favorite airlines. Currently, those would be Frontier and Northwest. It’s great for me, because I trust Frontier for the domestic mainland stuff, and I trust Northwest for the Hawaii and overseas stuff. I have varied it up a little bit; for example, I’ve flown AirTran once because of a slightly better deal and am flying Korean Air soon to Japan partially because I want to go to South Korea, if only for a few hours. But in both instances, I am not earning miles on the operating carrier, but rather one of my favorite carriers-Frontier for the AirTran flights, and Northwest for the Korean Air flights.

I guess I’ll make each paragraph a slightly new topic with absolutely no transition. So, I am well aware that Northwest is merging with Delta. By the end of the year, it’ll be mostly under one name-Delta. But that kind of scares me. My image of Delta right now isn’t so good. I’ve technically never flown Delta, so I can’t say anything negative about them from personal experience, but Northwest being my favorite airline will have to change. I’ll either have to declare Delta as a favorite airline, or just say that my only true favorite is Frontier. When I fly back from Japan next year, I will get my first chance with Delta. By then, I presume all those Northwest planes that go to Japan will have been painted with Delta insignia and colors. Here’s hoping that Delta can form a good image in my mind of them, and replicate what I love about Northwest.

Speaking of my love for some of these carriers, it’s kinda hard to defend why I even have favorite airlines. I’ve never had a horrible experience with an airline, nor have I had an exceptional experience. Nonetheless, if you asked my why I love Frontier, here is what my answer would be:

-I feel comfortable on their flights-not enormously spacious, but just enough room for legs and such.
-They fly the most direct route, in my opinion, from West Coast destinations to Akron, OH. Their hub being in Denver really helps them.
-They have a great system set up in Denver; mainly quick layovers and gates being all in the same area.
-They have live DirecTV on flights which makes the flights go really quick.
-They offer a fare system that is simple-only three types, where the second type allows free checked bags and free DirecTV. How cool is that!
-They offer only one class. I don’t know why, but this is a perk to me. I wouldn’t fly a higher class, anyway.

My list for why Northwest is one of my favorite airlines isn’t quite as comprehensive.

-Has really competitive fares on flights to Hawaii, Japan, etc.
-My experience says that NWA flights are a small step down from other flights (Hawaii flight to/from Seattle is somewhat cramped, some flights to/from Japan don’t have in-seat TV screens), but they still treat you very well nonetheless.
-Provides service to my local airport and then to nearly anywhere I could want to go. There’s almost no airport they don’t cover, from what I’ve seen.

Now that Delta is branding Northwest to its own, I am curious to see how they will do. They now provide travel to so many cities, if they keep fares competitive, they may effectively drive many others out of business. But I will still be flying Frontier, my top favorite, as much as I can. Why? Honestly, them being the most direct way for me to get to the West Coast is probably the best coast. With Delta, I had to travel from Seattle to Atlanta on a long near 5-hour flight and then transfer to a small plane to go back up north to Ohio. But Akron is nearly a straight shot to Denver, and then going to any West Coast destination is a cinch.

Have I sold you on Frontier, yet? Hope to see you on board!

…they should really pay me for this…

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  1. […] I’ll reiterate here that Frontier is my favorite airline, and Republic intends at this time not to drastically change the brand because of the sale. This is very good for happy Frontier customers like me, and I could easily go into numerous reasons why I love Frontier so much. But I think I already have a post on that (click here). Basically, Frontier stays the same, so I stay the same happy customer. It’s really too bad for Southwest because had they kept the market of Akron/Canton, (which they claim they would but seems debatable since they already operate out of the close Cleveland, OH) I probably would have flown them as I would have flown Frontier to and from┬áthe West Coast like I usually do. One reason I’ll mention here is from Akron/Canton, the quickest way to the West Coast is always Frontier. Denver is a very direct route from Akron, OH and is usually a very straight route to whichever West Coast destination, like the ones I’ve flown: Portland, Seattle, Phoenix and soon to be Orange County, CA. […]

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