July 2009 archive

All About Airlines with Josh

Okay, time for a rant. So, I seriously don’t even know where this one is going, except that it’s going to involve airlines. I’ve recently been spending some time on the Air Travel section of Yahoo! Answers. While it isn’t as frequented as some sections, like say the Religion and Spirituality section, it does receive …

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Why Low-Fare Airlines May Succeed

I can’t believe for as much that I talk about airlines in life how little I’ve talked about them on my blog. I could almost make an entire blog about it. For now, let me start by introducing this new category of “Airlines” with this post. I’ve been perusing the Internet as usual, and came across an …

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Sigh….I find myself up late once again. I have a feeling it’s not so good to blog late at night, especially on this topic. But, I feel like I need to say something-perhaps especially because I haven’t said anything on this blog in a while. I’ll keep it simple: the topic of my rant/venting is …

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