April 2009 archive

Miss California, the Question and Perez Hilton

Couldn’t think of a better title…and I know you know what I am talking about. My issue with this…well, issue…is that Perez Hilton himself is handling her response wrong. He does a video blog after the pageant and expresses his disappointment with her answer, by calling her a “dumb b*tch”. Sounded a little more like …

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Push the Button

This post is just going to be special for me…maybe. Because the way I even pronounce the title of this post when I speak it is, apparently, unique. I pronounce it like butt-en instead of but-ten, which may or may not be the more standard way to say that word. So many people have noticed …

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I’m On My Frustration

I don’t know if people like blog posts that read more like rants. I hope to avoid that, but the stuff I am going to mention is seriously annoying. Because I’d rather not rant, I hope to word this post in such a way as to suggest advice to alleviate these frustrations, not just for …

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