March 2009 archive

Everybody Votes in Japan for Wii

I am always fascinated with how Japan votes in the worldwide polls on the Nintendo Wii’s channel, “Everybody Votes Channel”. Almost always Japan is what I call a wild card; that might not even be the appropriate term there. Japan almost always votes to the most extreme either left or right, depending on the question. …

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2 Plane Crashes

Interestingly, there were reports of two plane crashes yesterday. One was a smaller plane with about 14 people. The other was a big cargo plane with 2 pilots (one was a co-pilot). In both of these incidents, every person in the plane died. They also all involved Americans. While the media is focusing much on the …

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Costco in Japan

I just think it’s so cool that there’s a Costco in Japan, and that a Costco membership card works not only in the U.S. but also Japan. Now, for us Ohioans, Costco isn’t a readily known name of a store. We might be more accustomed to something like Sam’s Club, maybe BJ’s or just your …

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