October 2008 archive

Ohioans: Please Vote

I’ve said it once on this blog, but it’s worth repeating-no president has gone into office the last 40 years unless they won Ohio’s electoral votes. There’s a reason campaigning is so big in the Buckeye State. Yet I know so many people who are not voting who are eligible. I think registration is too …

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Death of a Dream-6 people in one family killed

Just horrifying news out of LA today-six people are dead in what is being called a murder-suicide. A man going suffering from the financial crisis decided recently to kill all his family members and then himself. He shot them in their sleep, some multiple times before killing himself. In a suicide note, he had considered only shooting …

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A Fire Inside: 15 People Die in Japan Porn Store

As big as this was in Japan, I don’t think people are regarding it as more negative than the story of the man who shot several in Akihabara this past summer. More people died in this incident, even. But maybe I am getting ahead of myself. The links to the story are at the bottom, but …

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