Song for Week of September 28th, 2008

Here’s an interesting one:

“Maybe Its Maybeline” by Relient K

I never thought a Relient K song would make this list. Why? I’ve found my two or three favorite artists, and I’ve kind of stuck with them. I like to think I give each artist a few songs to impress me. I didn’t find anything with Relient K. That was last year. This year, though, I’ve stumbled across a few Relient K songs, and this one stuck out. Now I’m wondering how I’ve missed the creativity that Relient K has.

Taking the infamous “Maybe it’s Maybeline” phrase and making it into a song is about as good as it gets for me. But the song does way better than that-it talks about how we’re sinners and we need to start by admitting it. The final lines in the song, referring to sin, says, “Maybe we’re born with it. Or maybe it’s Maybeline”. This title alone has got to get attention, I would think. How clever to end it with the infamous slogan, in full. So cool.

It makes me wonder if they were just writing this song and as they were writing it, somebody heard them say “Maybe we’re born with it” and then somebody else jokingly said, “Maybe it’s Maybeline” as a natural response. Makes sense to me. Great job.