Stuff is Breaking

I have had a lot of things break recently. I’d like to list them here for the fun of it. I will also note the current status of each thing:

-My computer: This is probably the biggest one. A few days after installing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, my computer crashed. Granted, I have a Dell laptop that’s more than a few years old. The processor was basically to blame, I am hearing. This took months to fix, but essentially involved the easiest route in the first place-reinstall Windows XP. Fortunately, I was able to save pretty much all my files. Some programs got lost, and I wasn’t able to bring my computer to Japan with me. God worked things out with that, I would say.

-My computer’s disc drive: Actually, I could never figure out if it was the computer reading my DVD drive or if it was the drive itself. That’s why I didn’t invest in another one-wasn’t going to risk it not working. Now that I don’t have a proper decoder, I can’t find out if DVDs will play. But it was frustrating to have a DVD drive that didn’t play DVDs.

-My headphones: The worst part about it is that this is the thing that most frequently breaks. I don’t know what I’m doing, but for some reason one ear of the headphones will break. I really don’t feel like I am treating it poorly, like bending the wires and such. I’m buying my fourth pair in two years. I am also buying a headphone jack splitter so when one side of two pairs break, as it will inevitably occur again, I can look goofy have two pairs of headphones for two ears.

-My MP3 CD Player: I just typed this and it got erased…so not doing it again.

-My dresser drawer: Out of my entire dorm, nobody else’s has broken. It wouldn’t roll our or in. I got a free replacement.

-My cell phone: The most ongoing breaking thing. It has been beyond repair for over a year. With a replaced battery, replaced phone, and another replaced battery it is still not holding a charge worth anything. Next week I have the privelege of getting a new phone.

With all the mention of stuff that’s breaking, what about stuff I’ve had that has never broken?

-I’ve never had a broken bone. That’s something to be grateful for.

-My Nintendo Wii console has never broken. Despite some minor anomalies, the console had never broken. And I’ve had it since Day 1.

So amidst brokenness, we can find things to be grateful for. Simple, right?